Due to the current health crisis, employers need tools to support workforce reengagement strategies, as well as ongoing support as the situation continues to change.

To meet this vital need, Ayin Health Solutions has developed COVIDReady, an end-to-end service that integrates health screening, symptom assessment, testing services, monitoring, telehealth and health care coordination for employers seeking to safely reengage staff returning to the workplace. COVIDReady also will provide a comprehensive and recurring population health assessment in order to address immediate and evolving needs.

Care Coordination

At the heart of COVIDReady is the care team who will navigate the employee through the appropriate clinical pathway. Health status will continue to be an ongoing and daily concern for both employees and employers. The screening questions, testing services, and social distance monitoring supported by Ayin’s care management teams, in collaboration with providers and labs, will help inform employees regarding prevention opportunities and educate employees on their health status. 

While most employers are focused on the near-term of getting employees back to work as safely as possible, they also are considering how to manage the quickly changing protocols. There is a very real need to provide ongoing support and COVIDReady will provide a comprehensive and recurring population health assessment in order to not only address immediate needs but also evolving needs.

Health Risk Screening

Employees can record daily symptoms directly online or in the mobile application, as well as respond to health screening questions. The mobile application can be used to collect an employee’s body temperature in an effort to help identify employees newly infected and symptomatic, as fever occurs in about half of SARS-CoV-2 infections. The mobile application also enables contact tracing and monitoring of social distancing within the workplace.


COVIDReady uses tests which have been granted Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA). COVIDReady also features a cloud-based data platform that networks testing laboratories and clinicians and provides employer and employee-only interfaces. Employees can self-register and receive a health care provider match for in-office testing by a CLIA-certified laboratory. After screening, employees can receive a COVIDReady-enabled referral as needed for further testing, symptom management, health status monitoring and care.