Let's reimagine the future of healthcare together.

Supporting providers on their unique value-based journey.

Ayin gives you the flexibility to contract with and pay providers in a way that works best for your community. We deliver flexibility to define and administer benefits your patients and members need, and to decide what is medically necessary. Review our product suite and decide what’s best for you.

Purpose Built to simplify.

Our technology platform and services are tailor-made to scale with the growing and ever-changing needs of your local community.

Control over how healthcare is delivered.

Ayin supports provider-sponsored health plans and risk-bearing entities with control over benefits, contracts with providers, medical decisions, care management and population health. We help make personal connections to your members and providers, empathetically and expertly helping you navigate health care systems on your unique value-based journey.

Expertise to support your organization.

With the means to leverage and extend our insights and expertise to others, we can help support your organization, reach farther to serve your community, and provide more solutions to those you serve — on every level, at every moment. Our capabilities make us unique with an integrated delivery system of insurers, experts, and providers to draw upon.